This week’s episode we speak with Olly Wood. Olly is the Founder of the Meta Project where he is a peak performance adviser and a wellness coach.

Olly Wood is known for his ability to see the big picture. Rather than simply encouraging high-performers to do more and work harder, Olly has worked with world leading experts in exercise, nutrition, biochemistry and coaching, such as Brian Walsh, The Poliquin Group, Kassem Hanson, Ben Pukulski, Linh Trinh and Cliff Harvey, among others, to develop a more holistic, scientific, and sustainable approach to health and performance.

Olly came from a small town in NZ and was brought up on homegrown real food. As he grew up and saw how the food industry changed, he realised how many issues were brought back to the lack of nutritional focus and how much food alone can rebuild the body and health. Olly got his start in the trenches of the health world as a PT in a big box gym. After 7 years of working with primarily high-performing business owners he saw the extent to which stress, inflammation, and a lack of focus on recovery was ruining any progress they were making.

Olly refocuses his Peak Performers on the power of nutrition alongside his team of experts in areas of mental health, nutrition, biochemistry & training with a guiding philosophy that you can only push as hard as you recover. Olly’s goal is to help professionals on the pursuit of growth and improvement, to make sure they don’t leave their body and energy behind and with this framework can change the way people fuel and nourish their bodies for good.